Keeping students with special needs safe at school.

Overview and Demo Video

Watch the first Lighthouse Pitch & Demo at Startup Weekend EDU Seattle, November 23, 2014.

Lighthouse won "crowd favorite" and 1st place.

About Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a smart solution for teachers and students with special needs. It provides confidence students are where they are supposed to be and alerts you when they’re not.

A small device is attached to the student, uniquely identifying them to the teacher. The teacher uses the Lighthouse app to keep track of their students while they are on school grounds, during school hours.

If a student wanders off or is with the wrong person, an alert is sent to their teacher. When a teacher requires assistance to bring a student back to class, they can notify all faculty with information about the student.

For the purposes of our demo, we used Estimote iBeacons as the Lighthouse device.


Our purpose is to keep students with special needs safe at school. Lighthouse does this by keeping you, the teacher, informed of your students location throughout the day. When an incident occurs, you're the first to know and can quickly get others involved to help.

  • Where are they?

    At a quick glance, stay on top of your students location on school grounds during school hours.

  • Who are they with?

    Keep track of who each student is with throughout the day.

  • Are they safe?

    Stay informed if a student is no longer in the presence of a teacher or caretaker.

  • Tailored alerts

    Set custom alerts for every student.

  • Reduce response time

    Receive instant notification if a student is out of range of a teacher or caretaker.

  • Get others involved

    Send alerts to the administration and faculty without leaving the classroom.

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